Complete worksation with pump and tubes

Elastrat’s training anatomical flow phantoms in use :

Head and Neck : H+N-S-A-010+ Head model with complete Circle of Willis.

                            We also manufacture right carotid Head models (H+N-S-A-001 to 009)       

Thoracic :           T-S-N-002+ Thoracic aortic arch coronary model (pictured model).

                            We also manufacture a simple aortic arch Model ref  TSN-001

Abdominal :       A-S-N-001+ is an abdominal renal model for (pictured model)

                            We also manufacture simple abdominal models with various aneurysms

3 liter Tank with aquarium continuous flow pump  = top right of image                             2017

Elastrat’s training anatomical flow phantoms

Our training flow models are especially well suited for : 

Education/Training for stenting, coïling, navigation, Hands-on, Workshops, Pre - Interventional Testing,  R&D development for new devices, Haemodynamic studies, radiological investigations, angiographies with contrast liquid.



Complete worksation with pump and tubes

Complete worksation with pump and tubes This work station represents an accurate training simulation with various human anatomical silicon models 
produced by Elastrat. Hereunder starting from your left side with a reservoir including a pump which makes 
the system work in a closed water circuit.


1    A head and Neck model ref H+N-S-A-050 
2    A thoracic model with coronaries ref T-S-N-002 
3    An abdominal model with ref A-S-N-001

These three soft models are an example. Our complete range of models shows various rigid and flexible 
models to be chosen for your trials. Rigid and flexible models can also work together.


>> Example if Workstation with a Head + Thorax + Abdominal Model